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      Hohai Civil Engineering School was founded in 1915 and was merged with the Department of Engineering of Southeast University into Hohai College of Engineering in 1924 and later incorporated the Fourth Zhongshan University in 1927 and became the Department of Water Resources, Central University in 1928. With the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, it became the Department of Water Resources, Nanjing University. In 1952 the Departments of Water Conservancy, Hydrology, and Water Resources of Nanjing University, Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Zhejiang University and the East China Engineering School of Water Resources were merged into the East China Technical University of Water Resources.  learn more...
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Liang Kang, engineer of Jiangsu Hohai Engineering Technology Company:

   “HHU MBA” gives me not only rich knowledge, rigorous teachers, wonderful classmates, and colorful activities, but more proud of “HHU MBA”, self-confidence and vision of a bright future. My two-year MBA study has become one of the most important stages of my life as well as the most precious moment to remember. I want to sincerely thank all the teachers and friends who gave me inspiration, enthusiasm, sympathy, and motivation. After graduation, I was admitted to Tongji University and started a new journey for my Ph.D.

Li Yilin, chairman of Jiangsu Ability Technology Co., Ltd.:

  Did you ever feel that you have no passion for work? Or there is no breakthrough? No raise? No opportunities for training and promotion? While giving us theoretical knowledge, more importantly, HHU organizes various popular lectures, social activities, and career development consulting, answers to students’ confusion, and solves the problems through communication among teachers and classmates. Students can combine their learning with the actual work condition, follow the innovative management concepts, and promote the management level. We consider HHU MBA as an “Energy Station”. My study in HHU MBA gives me an opportunity to use what I learned and I hope one day my success will pay back my Alma mater, my professors, and my classmates!

Zhou Guoyang, general manager of SUMEC Machinery and Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd:

  I benefited a lot from my two-year MBA study in HHU which has greatly promoted my career. I learned how to build my own structural thinking and how to analyze the problem comprehensively. Regardless of the connection between MBA and career development or salary, step by step, then you can make a difference by combining what you learn with what you actually do.

He Ruizhong, branch president of Postal Savings Bank of China:

  Years of graduate study lays a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge, while courses like Economics, Marketing, and Laws also provide wonderful help for my work. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, HHU MBA teaches me the ability to re-learn and innovate. The rigorous style and behavior principles of professors inspire me infinitely. After graduation, I made full use of my MBA expertise to complete my major transition and gained fruitful achievements in various kinds of operating management.

Li Bo, general manager of Shanghai Wonderful Garments Co., Ltd.:

  Frankly speaking, before my study in HHU MBA, the company operation depended a lot on personal experience from different positions, and there was no systematic assessing of company condition, competitive environment, or company organization and post setting. My MBA study helped me a lot in communication and systematic solution of company issues. More surprisingly, I applied what I learn and introduced the stock equity cooperation and incentive mode that has achieved great operating results.

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